[slime-devel] Re: SLIME48: a Swank back end in Scheme48

Taylor Campbell campbell at mumble.net
Sun Oct 2 05:01:55 UTC 2005


I've been away for the past several days, so I didn't see what was
going on until now...

I apologize for my previous message, which I wrote in haste very soon
after noticing the changes which had irked me.  It was quite silly of
me, I see now, to whine as I did, and I hope that it won't permanently
damage cordiality of development between SLIME and my Swank back end
for Scheme48: I now think that it may be better to keep SLIME48 in its
own Darcs repository anyway, for several reasons, but I do still have
some changes to SLIME in mind that I hope may still be considered
later (when I formulate them specifically).  I have no intention of
actually forking SLIME any time soon; I'll try to maintain a working
status between SLIME48's development & SLIME CVS, and periodically put
out tarballs containing combinations of my Scheme48 back end and
slime.el known to work.

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