[slime-devel] slime movie

Paolo Amoroso amoroso at mclink.it
Thu Jul 28 13:59:25 UTC 2005

Marco Baringer <mb at bese.it> writes:

>   used slime and develped lisp code. instead of getting real work
>   done, or going to the park, i made an intro video/showcase for
>   slime. it was supposed to be about 20mins but when i was done i
> p.s. - one of the not-to-hidden goals was to make something
> java/perl/python/C coders could watch so they can see what they're
> missing. if you have suggestions on how to get said coders to watch it
> i'm all ears.

I routinely send short Lisp news items to Linux Weekly News.  If you
like, I can announce the availability of the UCW and/or SLIME videos.

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