[slime-devel] Re: Viper-mode and SLIME

Edward O'Connor hober0 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 18:13:27 UTC 2005

Vincent wrote:

> I've searched Google without any luck, so I'll ask here: [...] Is it
> possible to have both viper and slime keybindings at the same time?

Vincent and I talked about this in #emacs for a bit. I use Viper and
Slime together, without the problems that Vincent's reporting. So the
answer is "yes, it is possile."

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what exactly prevents Vincent's
Emacs from doing the right thing (or, for that matter, what enables *my*
Emacs to do the right thing).

Just wanted to make sure you had the other data point. :)


Edward O'Connor
hober0 at gmail.com

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