[slime-devel] Re: SLIME with AllegroCL on Windows - dumb question

Ian Eslick eslick at csail.mit.edu
Thu Feb 24 17:13:12 UTC 2005

I've been using SLIME with Allegro 6.2 and 7.0 under Windows for
some time.  My problem was only a startup delay launching the GUI
application, reading the swank code and starting the server.  My lisp
init file sets the port # to connect so calling slime-connect works fine
if I just delay the connect until the server is ready.  Your mileage may
vary (different systems take different startup time).  I always use F5
instead of M-x slime to start up the system. 

 From slime.el:
 '(lambda ()
    (start-process "acl" nil "c:/Progra~1/acl70/clim.exe" "+B" "+M" 
"+cn" "-I" "clim.dxl")
;; "-d" "allegro-log.txt")
    ;; Give time for loading to happen and server to start
    (sleep-for 5)
    (slime-connect "localhost" 4005)
    (slime-set-default-directory "c:/Work/think/trunk/")))

 From slime.lisp:
(load "c:/Work/Think/trunk/lisp/slime/swank-loader.lisp")
(swank::create-swank-server 4005 :spawn #'swank::simple-announce-function t)


Luke Gorrie wrote:

>Peter Seibel <peter at gigamonkeys.com> writes:
>>Not having a Windows box to play with, I haven't gotten around to
>>trying SLIME on Windows. What's the reason it doesn't Just Work? Is it
>>Allegro specific?
>I don't have Windows either and have generally been happy that people
>have looked after themselves in this respect :-)
>I think it's mostly simple. Here is what SLIME wants to do:
>  1. Open a lisp in *inferior-lisp*
>  2. Send Lisp forms directly to the REPL asking it to load/start Swank
>  3. Poll a /tmp file until swank writes its port number there
>  4. Read the port number and connect
>but some Windows Lisps are GUI beasts and don't want to run under
>*inferior-lisp* so they won't work this way.
>So instead one has to do something like Edi did:
>  1. Start Lisp as a GUI program with an argument telling it to start Swank
>  2. Loop doing `slime-connect' on a well-known-port until we manage
>     to connect to the asynchronously-starting server.
>and this could perhaps be rolled into SLIME proper as an alternative
>startup flow and tested/used on Unix.
>This is probably not the full story though. There has been VBscript
>flying around and I haven't understood what it's upto.
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