[slime-devel] Daily ChangeLog diff

Luke Gorrie lgorrie at common-lisp.net
Mon Feb 21 23:00:11 UTC 2005

Index: slime/ChangeLog
diff -u slime/ChangeLog:1.612 slime/ChangeLog:1.613
--- slime/ChangeLog:1.612	Sun Feb 20 21:29:56 2005
+++ slime/ChangeLog	Mon Feb 21 00:08:37 2005
@@ -1421,7 +1421,207 @@
 	slime-background-message. This displays multi-line arglists.
 	(sldb-mode-map): Bind 'C' to sldb-inspect-condition.
-2004-08-14  Helmut Eller  <e
+2004-08-14  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* slime.el (slime-find-buffer-package): Use "%s", not "%S", to
+	avoid ugly escape characters, if the package name contains dots.
+2004-08-13  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (sldb-eval-in-frame): Print result to the REPL when a
+	prefix argument is given.
+	Added pull-down menus for SLDB and the REPL.
+	* swank-source-path-parser.lisp: Removed caching of readtables and
+	the source-map hashtable. Fresh creation is ultra-cheap (<1ms).
+	The caching didn't handle modifications to readtables and
+	generally made me feel uneasy while tracking down an obscure bug
+	in a reader macro.
+	The cached source-map hashtable also wasn't thread-safe (ho hum).
+2004-08-13  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* slime.el (slime-merge-notes, slime-tree-for-note): Use the short
+	note message for annotation in the source buffer and the long
+	message in the tree widget.  Used to be the other way around.
+	(sldb-insert-frames): Set the `start-open' property for XEmacs.
+	Without `start-open', the `point-entered' property is inherited
+	when we insert something before the "--more--" marker.  Reported
+	by Sundar Narasimhan.
+	* swank.lisp (variable-desc-for-echo-area): Bind some printer
+	variables to limit the length of the output.
+2004-08-05  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (slime-setup): Added typeout-frame keyword argument.
+	(slime-thread-attach): Fixed misnamed function call.
+2004-08-04  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* swank-allegro.lisp (find-fspec-location): Fixed to work for more
+	types of definition than just functions. So M-. now works for e.g.
+	classes in Allegro. From Matthew Danish.
+	(find-fspec-location): Include the type of the definition in the
+	designator sent to Emacs. From Matthew Danish.
+2004-08-04  Martin Simmons <martin at xanalys.com>
+	* swank-lispworks.lisp (frame-actual-args): Correct syntax for
+	handler-case.
+2004-08-04  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* slime.el: (slime-mode-map, slime-repl-mode-map)
+	(slime-repl-read-mode-map): Remove the binding for C-c C-g.  C-c
+	C-b is now the default interrupt key.
+	(slime-list-repl-short-cuts): Don't trash the shortcut-table: copy
+	it before sorting.  (Thanks to Mark Simpson.)
+2004-08-02  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (slime-connect): Shorten the welcome message by leaving
+	out the port number (which is displayed in the REPL anyway). This
+	avoids line-wrapping some messages of encouragement.
+	* swank.lisp (with-buffer-syntax): Don't bind *readtable* to
+	*buffer-readtable* if they are already EQ. When we shadow this
+	binding the user can't assign *readtable* from the REPL so it's
+	best avoided when possible.
+	* swank-allegro.lisp: Removed fwrapper-based code for inheriting
+	"swankiness" to newly spawned threads. This was fighting the
+	system and not the right thing.
+	* slime.el (slime-choose-overlay-region): Tweaked the
+	multiline-annotation-avoidance code to work with forms not
+	starting with an open-paren, e.g. `(..) or #'(..).
+	(slime-update-modeline-package): New configurable. Non-nil (the
+	default) means update the Lisp package in the modeline using an
+	idle timer.
+	(slime-repl-send-input): Make the `slime-repl-old-input' property
+	cover the whole input (including newline) so that pressing RET on
+	the end of an input line works.
+	Use a unique integer as the value of this property to distinguish
+	adjacent inputs.
+	(slime-current-package): Deal with narrowing.
+2004-08-01  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* swank-allegro.lisp (swank-compile-string): Use a temporary file
+	and set excl::*source-pathname* manually.  This way we can find
+	the source buffer of functions compiled with C-c C-c.
+	(call-with-temp-file, compile-from-temp-file): New functions.
+	(list-callers, function-callers, in-constants-p)
+	(map-function-constants): Implements list callers by groveling
+	through the constants pools of named functions.
+	* swank-lispworks.lisp: Minor refactoring.
+2004-07-30  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* slime.el (slime-connection): Say "No default connection
+	selected" if there are open connections but no default connection.
+	(slime-tree-indent-item): Point wasn't updated correctly if the
+	last line was empty.  Use insert-before-markers instead of insert
+	to do it properly.
+	(slime-draw-connection-list): Don't break if there is no default
+	connection.
+	* swank-cmucl.lisp (call-with-debugging-environment): Only handle
+	* swank-backend.lisp (sldb-condition): Show the original condition
+	in the message.
+2004-07-28  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* slime.el (slime-eval-feature-conditional): Treat uppercase
+	operators NOT, AND, OR correctly.
+	(sldb-find-buffer): Remove killed buffers.
+	(sldb-quit): Raise an error if the RPC returns.
+	(slime-expected-failures): Delete unused function.
+	(complete-symbol): Test completion of
+	swank::compile-file. LispWorks has extra completions for
+	cl::compile-file.
+	(arglist): Test arglist of method cl:class-name.  Add enough
+	regexpery to pass the test in most implementations.
+	* swank-sbcl.lisp (list-callers, list-callees): Implemented.
+2004-07-26  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (slime-first-change-hook): Add `save-match-data' to
+	avoid breaking e.g. query-replace. Also added `save-excursion'
+	just to be safe.
+	* README: s/setup-slime/slime-setup/ in the .emacs snippet.
+2004-07-23  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (slime-set-state): Show the message in the modeline in
+	the case where we aren't connected. Otherwise the "not connected"
+	status is ignored.
+	(slime-net-sentinel): Close the connection before changing the
+	status message. The old behaviour of this combined with the old
+	behaviour of `slime-set-state' could generally cause spurious
+	errors after a connection was closed.
+2004-07-22  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* swank.lisp (carefully-find-package): Return *BUFFER-PACKAGE* if
+	no other package can be found. This is reverting a previous change
+	that broke completion in buffers with no known package.
+	* slime.el (slime-maybe-start-lisp): Check that *inferior-lisp*
+	exists /and/ has a running process. Fixes a startup problem if
+	your inferior-lisp has died and you want to restart SLIME.
+2004-07-21  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (slime-sync-package-and-default-directory): Sync
+	`default-directory' in the REPL buffer too.
+	(slime-set-state): Convenience function for setting a connection's
+	state-name and updating the modeline if appropriate. This function
+	is called in the right places.
+	(slime-to-lisp-filename): Use `expand-file-name'.
+2004-07-20  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (slime-repl-update-banner): Restore old behaviour of
+	using an asynchronous evaluation to setup the REPL. This works
+	around a problem I'd reintroduced where the first REPL command
+	uses the wrong keymap.
+2004-07-20  Andreas Fuchs  <asf at boinkor.net>
+	* swank-sbcl.lisp (call-with-compilation-hooks): Trap and report
+	errors that cause compilation to fail, e.g. read errors.
+2004-07-19  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* HACKING: Updated. Some notes about Emacs features.
+	* slime.el: More major refactoring.
+	Restructured and documented the networking and protocol code.
+	(slime-rex-continuations): Now connection-local.
+2004-07-18  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el: Major refactoring.
+	Mostly resectioning and reordering definitions to try and improve
+	readability.
+	(slime-get-temp-buffer-create): New utility function to popup a
+	temporary buffer that automatically has a binding on `q' to
+	intelligently restore window configuration. Handy, but currently
+	not applicable to all of our temporary buffers.
+	(slime-with-chosen-connection): Removed this macro. Consequently
+	the compilation commands no longer prompt for which connection to
+	use when given a prefix argument. `slime-switch-to-output-buffer'
+	still works like that, but for other cases I think the
+	connection-list buffer is sufficient.
+	(slime-eval-async): New arglist: (form &optional cont pkg). If the
+	continuation is unspecified then the evaluation result is ignored,
 	and if the package is unspecified then (slime-buffer-package) is
 	(slime-eval): Package arg now defaults to (slime-buffer-package).
@@ -3185,7 +3385,109 @@
 	(describe-symbol-for-emacs, describe-definition): Distinguish
 	between ordinary and generic functions.
 	(call-with-debugging-environment): Unwind a few frames.  Looks
-	bette
+	better and avoids the problems with the real topframe.
+	(interesting-frame-p): Use Lispworks dbg:*print-xxx* variables to
+	decide which frames are interesting.
+	(frame-actual-args): New function.
+	(print-frame): Use it.
+	* swank.lisp (open-streams, make-output-function): Capture the
+	connection not only the socket.  This way the streams can be used
+	from unrelated threads.  Reported by Alain Picard.
+	(create-connection): Factorized.  Initialize the streams after the
+	connection is created.
+	(initialize-streams-for-connection, spawn-threads-for-connection):
+	New functions.
+	(with-connection): Fix quoting bug and move upwards before first
+	use.
+	(guess-package-from-string): Add kludge for SBCL !-package names.
+	(apropos-list-for-emacs): Lispworks apparently returns duplicates;
+	remove them.
+	(inspect-object): Princ the label to allow strings and symbols.
+	(send-output-to-emacs): Deleted.
+	(defslimefun-unimplemented): Deleted.  Was unused.
+	* slime.el (slime-easy-menu): Add some more commands.
+	(slime-changelog-date): New variable. Initialized with the value
+	returned by the function of the same name.  This detects
+	incompatible versions if Emacs has not been restarted after an
+	upgrade.
+	(slime-check-protocol-version, slime-init-output-buffer): Use it.
+	(slime-events-buffer, slime-log-event): Use fundamental mode
+	instead of lisp-mode to avoid excessive font-locking for messages
+	with lots of strings.
+2004-03-22  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* doc/slime.texi: New user manual.
+	* swank.lisp (*communication-style*): New name for
+	*swank-in-background*.
+	Exported configuration variables: *communication-style*,
+	*log-events*, *use-dedicated-output-stream*.
+2004-03-20  Julian Stecklina <der_julian at web.de>
+	* swank-sbcl.lisp (+o_async+, +f_setown+, +f_setfl+): Add correct
+	constants for FreeBSD.
+2004-03-19  Alan Shutko  <ats at acm.org>
+	* swank.lisp, swank-loader.lisp: Take into account
+	`pathname-device' when deriving paths. A fix for Windows.
+2004-03-19  Luke Gorrie  <luke at bluetail.com>
+	* slime.el (slime-connected-hook): New hook called each time SLIME
+	successfully connects to Lisp. This is handy for calling
+	`slime-ensure-typeout-frame', if you want to use that feature.
+	(sldb-print-condition): New command to print the SLDB condition
+	description into the REPL, for reference after SLDB exits. Can be
+	called from `sldb-hook' if you want the condition to always be
+	printed. Bound to 'P' in SLDB.
+2004-03-18  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* swank.lisp (format-values-for-echo-area): Bind *package* to
+	*buffer-package*.
+	(load-system-for-emacs): Renamed from swank-load-system.
+	(carefully-find-package): Be friendly to case inverting
+	readtables.
+	(inspect-current-condition): New function.
+	* swank-backend.lisp, swank-cmucl.lisp (set-default-directory):
+	New backend function.  
+	* swank-allegro.lisp, swank-clisp.lisp, swank-lispworks.lisp,
+	swank-sbcl.lisp (swank-compile-string): Be friendly to
+	case-inverting readtables.
+	* slime.el (sldb-inspect-condition): Use
+	swank:inspect-current-condition.
+	(slime-inspector-label-face): Make it bold by default.
+	(slime-check-protocol-version, slime-process-available-input):
+	Wait 2 secs after displaying the error message.
+	(sldb-list-catch-tags, sldb-show-frame-details): Display catch
+	tags as symbols not as strings.
+2004-03-16  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
+	* slime.el (slime-dispatch-event, slime-rex): Pass a form instead
+	of a string with :emacs-rex.
+	(slime-connection-name): New connection variable.  Use it in
+	various places instead of slime-lisp-implementation-type-name.
+	* swank.lisp: Better symbol completion for case-inverting
+	readtables.  (Thanks Thomas F. Burdick for suggestions.)
+	(output-case-converter): New function.
+	(find-matching-symbols): Case convert the symbol-name before
+	comparing.
+	(compound-prefix-match, prefix-match-p): Use char= instead of
+	char-equal.
+	(case-convert-input): Renamed from case-convert.
+	(eval-for-emacs): Renamed from eval-string.  Take a form instead
+	of a string.
+	(dispatch-event, read-from-socket-io): Update callers.
 	(eval-region, interactive-eval): Use fresh-line to reset the column.
 2004-03-13  Helmut Eller  <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at>

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