[slime-devel] Re: Slime packaging in Debian

Luca Capello luca at pca.it
Sun Feb 20 11:48:56 UTC 2005


On Sun 20 Feb 2005 12:24, Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Luca Capello <luca at pca.it> writes:
>> Actually, a Debian package was already prepared by Sean Champ [1] and
>> it works well.
> This is very nice indeed !!!
> Sean (if you're reading) can you point out how we should go forwards?
> I'm a Debian user but highly ignorant of the internals. I'm assuming
> the next thing to do is integrate the debian'ization into CVS so that
> we can 'make deb' or similar from a regular SLIME checkout?

Actaully, if the Debian folder is going to be integrated into the CVS,
you don't need to use a 'make deb' instruction, but just a "normal"

OTOH, if CVS sources can produce Debian native packages (which means
that they have a debian/ folder), you can use other Debian tools like
'cvs-buildpackage' ('apt-cache show cvs-buildpackage' or [1]).

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

PS, Sean, if you still need help to make your package enter Debian,
please contact me in private, I'm in the process of being sponsored
for another package (cl-s-xml [2]), so I can give you some hints ;-)

[1] http://packages.debian.org/unstable/devel/cvs-buildpackage
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=292643
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