[slime-devel] Slime packaging in Debian

Robert Marlow bobstopper at bobturf.org
Fri Feb 18 15:03:11 UTC 2005

I just packaged up SLIME into .debs. I wanted to ask for opinions on how
I've packaged them.

I've packaged the slime *.el files and the swank *.lisp files into
separate packages named slime-el and cl-swank respectively. My rationale
is that some people such as myself may wish to install swank and slime
on separate machines and use them over TCP. However separating them may
make SLIME slightly more difficult to install for beginners. What do
people here think?

Also, in the process of making the source friendly with debian's
common-lisp-controller I had to make some changes. I edited swank.asd 
and put all the file components from swank-loader.lisp into it. 
swank-loader doesn't get used at all this way. The only other change 
I had to make to get this to work was using the system definition 
utility to start swank in slime.el instead of swank-loader. I haven't
catered for ~/.swank yet but I'm sure it can easily go elsewhere.

I was wondering if my omission of swank-loader is likely to cause any
complications and was also wondering what the rationale for including it
was when system maintenance can be performed just by using something
like ASDF or some other ubiquitous system definition utility.

Robert Marlow <bobstopper at bobturf.org>

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