[slime-devel] Improved trace

Antonio Menezes Leitao aml at gia.ist.utl.pt
Wed Feb 16 19:37:17 UTC 2005


AFAICS, slime can only select symbols for trace.  This has several
problems and limitations.

The first problem is that tracing setf-definitions such as

(setf foo)

and/or more complex definitions such as 

(method foo (bar baz))

can only be done by writing the extended name on the '(Un)trace: '

A more serious problem is that is impossible to untrace such
definitions via slime.  This happens because slime (or more properly,
swank) identifies traced functions using eql (in the tracep
predicate).  Obviously, this is trivial to solve but I think that it
is possible to improve this situation a lot.

I extended slime trace in a way that (I hope) makes it more helpful.

The idea is to identify the context of the symbol being traced.  Here
are a few examples (the '|' shows the cursor) with the intended
meaning of the trace/untrace command:

(defun fo|o (a)           -> (trace foo)

(defun (setf fo|o) (a b)  -> (trace (setf foo))

(defgeneric b|ar (a b))   -> (trace bar) and, possibly, all its methods

(defmethod b|ar ((a cons) (b cons)) -> (trace (method bar (cons cons)))

(defun deep (x)           -> (trace deeper) but, possibly, only when
  (de|eper ...))             called from deep 

(defun myfunc (a b c)     -> (trace (labels myfunc squareit))
  (labels ((squar|eit (arg) ...))

(defmethod bax ((a foo) b c)  -> (trace (labels (method bax (foo t t)) squareit))
  (labels ((squar|eit (arg) ...))

The flet case is identical to the labels case.

...(fo|o ...)...          -> (trace foo)

(setf ... ...
      (fo|o ...) ...      -> (trace (setf foo))
      ... ...)

In all other situations, the trace/untrace works just like in current

Obviously, not everything can work in every CL.  Also, the specific
trace commands depend on the CL we are using.  This, I think, should
not stop us from using it (and strongly encourage CL implementors to
provide the missing bits).

I implemented all of the above for Allegro 7.0 (everything works
except the last due to one Allegro bug), SBCL (everything except local
functions) and CMUCL (everything except local functions).  People who
use/implement other CLs might want to provide swank implementations
for those CLs.

If you're interested, here's the patch:

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BTW, it also includes two small changes to allow the CL process to
comunicate with the Emacs process.  They are not needed for trace but
are useful for refactoring operations that I'm implementing in Slime.

Any comments/corrections/improvements are very welcome.

Best regards,

Ant?nio Leit?o.

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