[slime-devel] Can't start slime (OS X 10.3, Slime 1.2.1, OpenMCL 1.0)

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Tue Dec 27 08:14:31 UTC 2005

* Carl Tucker [2005-12-27 06:39+0100] writes:

> Hi, I'm having a problem getting slime to work.
> I'm new to this, so I apologize if I'm doing something stupid.  Here's 
> what happens when I start emacs and type M-x slime
> I get a new buffer, called *inferior-lisp* which then outputs the
> following:
> ; Warning: Interface file #P"ccl:darwin-headers;libc;functions.cdb" does 
> not exist.
> ; While executing: CCL::CDB-OPEN
> Read error between positions 8480 and 8595 in 

You didn't install OpenMCL properly.  You need the cdb files for
foreign functions.  Look at the OpenMCL home page for details.


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