[slime-devel] Weird Display Bug w/ open minibuffer

Stefan Kamphausen skampi at gmx.net
Thu Dec 22 08:52:00 UTC 2005


I just came across a really weird display bug:

1. Start Slime
2. start CMUCL
3. open a lisp file and type something until you want to complete sth
   (in this case I wanted to complete #\New to #\Newline and it didn't 
    work, but that's another story).  
    Just make sure that there is only one possible completion.
4. Now do something to invoke a minibuffer dialog (say C-x C-f)
5. Go back to your lisp file w/o finishing the dialog (in Xemacs I can just 
   C-x o out of the dialog).
6. Hit M-TAB for the completion

The result is that the message "[Sole completion]" doesn't show up in the
echo area but in the last line of the buffer.  And it disappears a few
seconds later.

I tried to get the same thing with hippie-expand in a cperl-mode-buffer but
there the message showed up in the echo area.  So maybe it's in Slime.

It may be an XEmacs problem, sure, and it's not really that important that
it really needs a fix.  Agreed.  It's funny and weird nevertheless and I
thought I'd let you know.


Slime: CVS of yesterday with Peter's Patch applied
XEmacs: 21.4 (patch 17) "Jumbo Shrimp" XEmacs Lucid
CMUCL: CMU Common Lisp CVS 19c 19c-release + minimal debian patches (19C)
System: Gentoo Linux

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