[slime-devel] Patch for slime-load-file

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Mon Dec 5 20:19:29 UTC 2005

* Matthias Koeppe [2005-12-03 20:43+0100] writes:

> I see, this is what I suspected.  As Edi Weitz pointed out, the
> various Lisp implementations use several default source extensions, so
> it is not easy to decide which source file can be loaded without
> specifying the extension.  Therefore, I have revised my approach to
> improve slime-load-file.  What do you think of this change?  

Hmm, that's now rather complicated.  I think it would be simpler and
better to always keep the file extension.  Those people who know that
the command just boils down to CL:LOAD can still delete the extension
manually, beginners aren't confused, and we don't have to document
this minor feature.


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