[slime-devel] Fixes for slime-browse-xrefs on cmucl

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Thu Apr 28 23:49:40 UTC 2005

Dan Pierson <dlp at itasoftware.com> writes:

> 3. Hack swank:xref to look up (METHOD ...) entries on CMUCL.  This
> really shouldn't be here, but I can't see how to put it in
> swank-cmucl.lisp and avoid the error thrown by swank:xref.

I moved this to slime.el which seems a bit less ugly.  The cleanest
way would probably be to change swank:xref in a way so that it can
handle all dspecs it had returned previously. But that's rather a lot
of work.

The whole browser thing would be more useful if it could somehow
support a "show-all-parents" command not just the children.  It would
also be useful to recognize common subtrees.


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