[slime-devel] Difficulty connecting to external process

Dan Knapp dk-apple at accela.net
Wed Apr 20 01:06:40 UTC 2005

>>    In the host process, I load Slime through asdf, then I start it by
>> invoking
>> (setq swank:*use-dedicated-output-stream* nil)
>> (swank:create-server :port 9090 :dont-close t :style nil)
> So far, so good.  The style argument isn't needed, but shouldn't
> prevent SLIME from working.

   I have also tested without the style argument, without 
*use-dedicated-output-stream*, and with neither.

> Are you sure they are the same version?  The error message looks as if
> one end is using an old version of the protocol.

   Well, I double-checked by temporarily replacing the copy that wasn't 
in the bundle with a symlink to the copy that was (suitable for testing 
but not deployment).  I also cleaned out all the .dfsl files in 
~/.slime/, in case any of them were stale.  So they should be running 
from the same directory tree now.  It still gave the same error.

-- Dan Knapp

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