[slime-devel] Re: [Patch] Improve slime-edit-definition-other-window and ...-frame

Luke Gorrie luke at synap.se
Fri Apr 1 12:25:06 UTC 2005

Matthias Koeppe <mkoeppe+slime at mail.math.uni-magdeburg.de> writes:

> Luke Gorrie <luke at synap.se> writes:
> > I made this change and then committed. Let me know if I mucked up the
> > behaviour somehow.
> When the definition is not found by C-x 4 ., an error is signalled
> (for instance, "Definition of type :OPERATOR not found for SETF", or
> "Unknown source location for ..."), but the contents of other-window
> is changed.  This is wrong.

Nice catch! Fixed now.

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