[slime-devel] "Unprofile All" does not work in CMUCL 19a

Michael Weber michaelw+slime at foldr.org
Fri Oct 29 07:57:22 UTC 2004

* Helmut Eller <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at> [2004-10-28T23:43+0200]:
> The whole profiling stuff is currently very primitive; almost useless.
> Does somebody actually use it?  Or could we remove it?

Well, (besides the bug submitter ;)) I use it.  Admittedly not often,
but this stems more from the fact that I usually don't need to get my
code faster simply because it's not time-critical. :)

I wrote it because I didn't want to figure out how to activate
profiling in different impls in each of the rare cases I need it.

If it's not used, then I'd be fine with keeping it as a local change,


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