[slime-devel] Re: Getting into sldb from other threads (I'm losing my mind)

Peter Seibel peter at javamonkey.com
Thu Oct 7 06:04:11 UTC 2004

Peter Seibel <peter at javamonkey.com> writes:

> Peter Seibel <peter at javamonkey.com> writes:
>> I can swear I had this working great the other day but I don't
>> remember doing anything special to make it happen. Anyway, here it is:
>> I'm using AllegroServe and when one of the server threads drops into
>> the debugger I want--of course--to be in an sldb debugger. I've given
>> AllegroServe the magic incantation (net.aserve::debug-on :notrap)
>> which causes it to let unhandled errors drop us into the debugger but
>> I'm just getting to Allegro's debugger in *inferior-lisp*. I've got:
>>   #+allegro(tpl:setq-default *debugger-hook* #'swank:swank-debugger-hook)
>> In my ~/.swank.lisp for whatever that's worth. What am I spacing on?
> So, setting *debugger-hook* in *inferior-lisp* seems to help. If I
> signal an error while handling a request in AllegroServe I get an
> *sldb* debugger. But when I abort (via Q) from that then I end up in
> the Allegro debugger in the *inferior-lisp* buffer. I'm totally
> confused.

More chaos: I put some FORMAT expressions in my .swank.lisp such as:

  (format t "Yo! Loading ~a in ~a~%" *load-pathname* mp:*current-process*)
  (format t "Yo! *debugger-hook*: ~a; tpl::*debugger-hook*: ~a~%" *debugger-hook* tpl::*debugger-hook*)

so I can see in *inferior-lisp* after starting slime (via M-x slime):

  Yo! Loading /home/peter/.swank.lisp in #<PROCESS Initial Lisp Listener>
  Yo! *debugger-hook*: #<Function SWANK-DEBUGGER-HOOK>; tpl::*debugger-hook*: #<Function SWANK-DEBUGGER-HOOK>

However after slime has started if I eval *debugger-hook* and
tpl::*debugger-hook* at the REPL in *inferior-lisp* I get NIL for
both. Does anyone know who the heck is resetting them? (Or are they
bound by LOAD or something goofy like that? A simple test with SLIME
out of the picture says no.)


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