[slime-devel] reasoning behind slime-maybe-list-compiler-notes

Helmut Eller e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Oct 1 19:28:37 UTC 2004

Alan Ruttenberg <alanr-l at mumble.net> writes:

> I read this as
> Don't show the notes
> a) if there aren't any
> b) There are but they all have the location noted

Both, a) and b) are intentional.

> a) makes sense to me
> b) doesn't. I keep getting a note that there is a warning but then
> have to switch to the repl to see what it is.

The reasoning is that with CMUCL/SBCL it is more fun to use M-n/M-p in
the source buffer than looking at the notes buffer.  If every warning
has a location, than all notes can be displayed with M-n/M-p.  It's
also a bit annoying if the notes buffer pops up all the time,
especially when used with C-c C-c.

The notes can still be displayed with M-x slime-list-compiler-notes.
Alternatively slime-compilation-finished-hook can be set to a
different function. 

The note buffer still feels a bit clunky.  It would be nice if it
where bit smoother in combination with C-c C-c, but I have currently
no good ideas.


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