[slime-devel] Re: Did someone say they were working on a GF browser?

Thomas Schilling tjs_ng at yahoo.de
Fri Jul 30 18:25:29 UTC 2004

After some little misunderstandings I finally reworked my patch.

I tried to use the hints field of the location structure but it turned out 
(too late, already rewrote quite much) that this won't work if a location 
is not available.

(In that case an error struct is returned and I didn't feel it was a good 
idea to put a hint field in there. I think it's better structured this way 
since a method-spec is not really an extra info for a location. I'd rather 
suggest adding a general item-info structure if there's more information 
going to be added. --Nevertheless, in case you prefer adding the 
hint-property to the error struct I still could send the diff for this 
other approach.)

So I only changed the keybinding to C-k (according to a suggestion by Sean 
O'Rourke) and make it remove the corresponding line.

Andreas' suggestion of a dired-like behaviour is also nice but I think the 
current way it works is sufficient.

Still we need some testing for SBCL (haven't used my linux for quite a 
while) and backend support for all implementations other than Allegro 6.2 
for win32.


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