[slime-devel] downcased symbols inserted by SLIME-INSERT-ARGLIST

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Fri Jul 2 18:06:59 UTC 2004

Thomas Schilling <tjs_ng at yahoo.de> writes:

> Would be nice if the above would be the case.
> (Could try to implement it myself, but I think it's faster to post my
> request here than to figure out how to do it-- haven't done any bigger
> emacs programming yet.)

it's fairly trivial, and slime colud always use another developer
:). i'll be happy to help you (when i know the answers). 

start with the lisp function swank:format-arglist-for-echo-area which
simply returns the string which is sent to emacs and inserted into the
buffer, give it a try!

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