[slime-devel] when *, ** and *** just aren't enough.

Martin Simmons martin at xanalys.com
Fri Jul 2 11:02:20 UTC 2004

>>>>> On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 17:17:05 +0200, Marco Baringer <mb at bese.it> said:

  Marco> i have a few questions (more or less related to this):

  Marco> 1) anybody ever feel that they'd like to get at an objcet returned a
  Marco>    while ago?

Perhaps for a few minutes, but I'd like the GC to remove objects that I
created last month :-)

  Marco> 2) just out of idle curiosity how do you guys use the repl? i know
  Marco>    some people basically don't use it, prefering to do everything
  Marco>    from buffers, is that common?

I use the repl to evaluate random forms because it provides a record of what
was done, but I use buffer/definition eval/compile for most defining
forms. (This is in the LW IDE, but I would use slime in the same way.)


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