[slime-devel] Re: Suggestion: slime-symbol-at-point

Jan Rychter jan at rychter.com
Wed Feb 25 13:06:14 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Helmut" == Helmut Eller <e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at> writes:
 Helmut> Jan Rychter <jan at rychter.com> writes:
 >> The following fixes it, but I keep scratching my head to understand
 >> why the (skip-syntax-backward "-") was originally there -- I can't
 >> find a purpose for it.

 Helmut> It was there to skip backwards across whitespace.  I think
 Helmut> that's quite useful, C-h f does that to.  

Well, I couldn't quite figure out why that's helpful.

 Helmut> But of course it failed if point was immediately before a
 Helmut> symbol.  Should be fixed in CVS.  Thanks for the report.

Works much better now, thanks!

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