[slime-devel] Signal-driven IO in SBCL on non-Linux/x86

Helmut Eller e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Feb 21 17:10:42 UTC 2004

Brian Mastenbrook <bmastenb at cs.indiana.edu> writes:

> *Cough* Luke has ssh access to my G5, so perhaps there should be some
> more testing done on other platforms :-)

Perhaps.  The other strategy is to let the users test.  People who
care about SLIME on those platforms will send bug reports.  If no one
cares, no time is wasted on testing.

However, if you'd like to give an account on your machine, I could be
inclined to run some tests on it :-)

> If signal-driven IO is causing portability problems though, why not
> allow the option of fd-handlers on SBCL?

OK, the CVS supports fd-handlers.  You can enable it by adding
something like this to your ~/.swank.lisp:

  (setq swank::*swank-in-background* :fd-handler)


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