[slime-devel] slime choking on large output

E. Tyurin evgeny at tyurin.com
Wed Feb 18 18:43:25 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

I have a simple situation where SLIME (under CMUCL) fails - when fed certain (large) input.

Need: cl-csv package.  Run cmucl from shell:

gene at daBox:~$ lisp
CMU Common Lisp CVS release-18e-branch + minimal debian patches,
running on daBox
With core: /usr/lib/cmucl/lisp.core
Dumped on: Wed, 2004-02-18 11:30:01-05:00 on daBox
For support see http://www.cons.org/cmucl/support.html Send bug
reports to the debian BTS.
or to pvaneynd at debian.org
type (help) for help, (quit) to exit, and (demo) to see the demos

Loaded subsystems:
    Python 1.1, target Intel x86
    CLOS 18e (based on PCL September 16 92 PCL (f))
* (require 'csv)

; Loading #p"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/csv/csv.asd".
; Loading #p"/usr/lib/common-lisp/cmucl/csv/csv-src.x86f".
* (fare-csv:read-csv-line *terminal-io*)

(:|Date| :/NGF0 :/NGF0 :/NGF0 :/NGF0 :/NGF0 :/NGF0 :/NGF0 :/NGG0 :/NGG0 :/NGG0
 :/NGG0 :/NGG0 :/NGG0 :/NGG0 :/NGH0 :/NGH0 :/NGH0 :/NGH0 :/NGH0 :/NGH0 :/NGH0
 :/NGJ0 :/NGJ0 :/NGJ0 :/NGJ0 :/NGJ0 :/NGJ0 :/NGJ0 :/NGK0 :/NGK0 :/NGK0 :/NGK0
 :/NGK0 :/NGK0 :/NGK0 :/NGM0 :/NGM0 :/NGM0 :/NGM0 :/NGM0 :/NGM0 :/NGM0 :/NGN0
 :/NGN0 :/NGN0 :/NGN0 :/NGN0 :/NGN0 :/NGN0 :/NGQ0 :/NGQ0 :/NGQ0 :/NGQ0 :/NGQ0
 :/NGQ0 :/NGQ0 :/NGU0 :/NGU0 :/NGU0 :/NGU0 :/NGU0 :/NGU0 :/NGU0 :/NGV0 :/NGV0
 :/NGV0 :/NGV0 :/NGV0 :/NGV0 :/NGV0 :/NGX0 :/NGX0 :/NGX0 :/NGX0 :/NGX0 :/NGX0
 :/NGX0 :/NGZ0 :/NGZ0 :/NGZ0 :/NGZ0 :/NGZ0 :/NGZ0 :/NGZ0)
* (quit)

As you can see, the function call is completed without any problem.

Now, try the same from SLIME:

; CMU Common Lisp  Port: (33203 . localhost)  Pid: 6518
CL-USER> (require 'csv)
; Loading #p"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/csv/csv.asd".
; Loading #p"/usr/lib/common-lisp/cmucl/csv/csv-src.x86f".
CL-USER> (fare-csv:read-csv-line *terminal-io*)
; Evaluation aborted

And this message shows up in the *inferior-lisp* buffer:

* ;; Connection to Emacs lost.
;; [
; [GC threshold exceeded with 12,319,528 bytes in use.  Commencing GC.]
; [GC completed with 1,037,136 bytes retained and 11,282,392 bytes freed.]
; [GC will next occur when at least 13,037,136 bytes are in use.]

Error in function COMMON-LISP::ASSERT-ERROR:  Short read: length=5910572  pos=28]

Any suggestions??

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