[slime-devel] Missing metering.lisp for CLISP?

Helmut Eller e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Feb 18 07:56:27 UTC 2004

Peter Seibel <peter at javamonkey.com> writes:

> According to the .asd file CLISP needs a file metering.lisp which
> doesn't seem to exist. Per the ChangeLog this seems to be a
> third-party library. Are folks supposed to go get in themselves or is
> it supposed to be included with SLIME?

swank-clisp.lisp contained how to install it, but now I just added the
metering package to the CVS.  That's probably the most convenient way
for newbies.  OTOH, xref.lisp and metering.lisp are now the largest
files and metering.lisp is full of reader conditionals :-/


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