[slime-devel] Slime customization groups

Jouni K Seppanen jks at iki.fi
Sun Feb 1 12:13:12 UTC 2004

In slime.el, two customization groups are defined:

| (defgroup slime nil
|   "Interfaction with the Superior Lisp Environment."
|   :prefix "slime-"
|   :group 'applications)

| (defgroup slime-debugger nil
|   "Backtrace options and fontification."
|   :prefix "sldb-"
|   :group 'slime)

However, all debugger-related options belong to group sldb, not
slime-debugger, e.g.:

| (defcustom sldb-enable-styled-backtrace t "Enable faces in slime backtrace" 
|   :type '(choice 
|     (const :tag "Enable" t)
|       (const :tag "Disable" nil))
|   :group 'sldb)

The result is that the slime group has a link to the slime-debugger
group, which is empty, and to customize the debugger options one has
to invoke (customize-group 'sldb) directly.

It seems to me that either the group on all these options should be
changed to slime-debugger, or the group slime-debugger should be
renamed to sldb.

Jouni K Seppänen

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