[slime-devel] Re: slime-quit errors

Paolo Amoroso amoroso at mclink.it
Wed Oct 29 15:56:02 UTC 2003

Luke Gorrie writes:

> Paolo Amoroso <amoroso at mclink.it> writes:
>> When I issue the `slime-quit' command (bound to C-c ESC g) from
>> *inferior-lisp*, I usually get this error in the minibuffer:
>>   Symbol's function definition is void: pp-to-string
> Should be fixed, I added a (require 'pp). This is the Elisp pretty
> printer library.

I no longer get this...

>> One time I got this in *inferior-lisp*:
>>   * ;; Connection to Emacs lost.
>>   ;; [End-of-File on #<Stream for descriptor 6>]
> Fixed. According to the protocol state machine the quit/interrupt

...but I still get this with CVS sources updated a few hours ago.

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