[slime-devel] Abnormal exit with code 256

Paolo Amoroso amoroso at mclink.it
Sat Oct 25 15:51:31 UTC 2003

When I quit CMUCL from *inferior-lisp* with `(quit)' I get the
following message in the buffer:

  Process inferior-lisp finished

and these messages in the echo area/minibuffer:

  (Inferior Lisp:no process Inf-Slime[not connected])
  Lisp connection closed:exited abnormally with code 256^J

Is this the expected behavior? My setup is: Debian Woody, GNU Emacs
20.7, CMUCL 18e, SLIME CVS sources updated half a dozen hours ago.


I almost forgot: kudos!
Paolo Amoroso <amoroso at mclink.it>

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