[slime-devel] SBCL backend fix

Raymond Wiker Raymond.Wiker at fast.no
Thu Oct 23 16:20:47 UTC 2003

Luke Gorrie writes:
 > Hi,
 > I updated the SBCL backend to use a character stream to match the
 > swank.lisp changes, which fixes a problem reported by Raymond Wiker on
 > comp.lang.lisp. It doesn't look like the OpenMCL backend needs a
 > similar update, but I'm not certain.
 > For me the symptom of this problem includes totally hanging
 > Emacs. That's no good, I'm looking for the cause.

        Great! I downloaded the CVS version, and have it working now
(under FreeBSD, so far).

        A couple of things:

        As I mentioned earlier, I had to add a (require 'asdf) to
swank-sbcl.lisp. This is still necessary; asdf patches #'require so
that it (also) looks for files with the extension ".asd".

        slime should probably check that the inferior lisp process is
actually live when you do a M-x slime - I had a an "*inferior lisp*"
buffer with no process, and slime was trying to connect to the (dead)

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