[slime-devel] recent symbol completion change

Luke Gorrie luke at bluetail.com
Tue Oct 21 10:53:01 UTC 2003

Andreas Fuchs <asf at boinkor.net> writes:

> hi all,
> after today's "cvs up", I read in the changelog:
>         * swank.lisp (completions): Slight change of semantics: when a
>         prefix-designator is package-qualified, like "swank:", only match
>         symbols whose home-package matches the one given - ignore
>         inherited symbols.
> I think this leads to unexpected and not-so-useful behaviour.

Just hacked it some more. I think the semantics should be right now,
i.e. we will complete only/all symbols that would not cause a
read-error due to package visibility. From the updated docstring:

  The way symbols are matched depends on the symbol designator's
  format. The cases are as follows:
    FOO      - Symbols with matching prefix and accessible in the buffer package.
    PKG:FOO  - Symbols with matching prefix and external in package PKG.
    PKG::FOO - Symbols with matching prefix and accessible in package PKG.

Please let me know if you find any further problems.

> In short, as Krystof said on IRC, "blah blah blah nag nag nag"

Hmm, did I leave my Right Thing filter switched on? ;-)

> Now there. Please undo this change (-:

The change was actually an improvement on the previous behaviour,
though neither was correct.


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