Manfred Bergmann manfred.bergmann at me.com
Tue May 26 17:59:33 UTC 2020


(Not sure where this message finally is appended to as reply. I’ve copied the subject and body from the archive.)

I’m also new to the list here.

Interesting to find Peter Seibel here as well, just read his book PCL last year.

I’m actually also quite new to Common List.
Yes, I guess there are still people coming.

After dealing more than 20 years with mostly Java/Scala, or the JVM in general, .NET, Objective-C and many other things I must say that Common Lisp is so refreshing.
I’m not sure how else I can express it. It’s so great.
Not having had any dealings with Lisp before (I’m not sure why) it’s hard to really grasp it.
But now, after > 1 year I think I have a bit of understanding.

I’ve tried Clojure. But since I’m coming from the JVM I was looking form something that does not run on the JVM (I’m a bit tired of it).

Now I’ve collected a fair amount of CL books and so absorbing all the great information that is in this environment.


> Hey Burton, This list is not very active, but some of us still use Common Lisp as their main language :) Best regards, Daniel On May 8, 2020 8:53:11 AM GMT+02:00, Geoffrey Teale <tealeg at gmail.com> wrote: >Hello Burton, 
> >
> >I'm afraid there's not a lot of action on this list, but welcome all 
> >the 
> >same. 
> >
> >For my part, Common Lisp isn't really part of my daily life anymore - I 
> >use 
> >Racket a fair bit, and Elisp. 

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