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Daniel Herring dherring at
Thu Oct 12 10:35:35 UTC 2017

Hi Nick,

On Thu, 12 Oct 2017, Nick Levine wrote:
>> On 12 Oct 2017, at 04:54, Daniel Herring <dherring at> wrote:
>> I just included you on an email to some likely ALU website contacts. We'll see how they respond.
> Thanks, and you wrote in that email: "No one ever followed up with me in regards to the data... I haven't heard anything since then".

Minor correction:  That was my contact's response.  Though I have had 
similar experience.

>> Regarding the ILC content, I found backups containing a most if not all materials...
> Thanks. Let's get them hosted somewhere.

I will spend some time today looking for my latest copy and sprucing it up 
for public release.  I don't feel comfortable releasing the raw backup, as 
it contains some things that were meant to stay private.  This task may 
take some time, as work and daily life both have their own demands.

Will keep you posted on my progress.

- Daniel

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