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for your information, there is such website (featuring Common Lisp) 
created by third-party developer Fernando Borretti. It may be found 
here: . Having pointing at the same host 
would be an improvement.

I think that getting in touch with him is a good idea – adding to CC.

Best regards,


On 12.10.2017 08:48, Nick Levine wrote:
> Clint,
> Thanks for the offer. Let's talk offline about practical details.
> More generally: I have a strong belief that <> 
> if it continues to exist should be a site about the ALU (organises 
> conferences, "etc" whatever that means) and that 
> <> should be a -- new -- site about Lisp, as in 
> <>. Ah, but there are several lisps, none 
> quite the same. So would we have 
> <> etc (or equivalent naming schemes, I don't 
> care)? Or would we say that racket and scheme and emacs lisp and so on 
> already have functioning websites and it's just the Common Lisp 
> community that's never got its act together? Or what?
> - nick
> On 12 Oct 2017, at 08:15, Clint Moore <clint at 
> <mailto:clint at>> wrote:
>> I care, and am my company is willing to spend time and money to keep 
>> it and the ALU content on the air, so to speak.  Frankly, it would be 
>> an honor.
>> I get that no one of note knows me and almost certainly no one knows 
>> of my company, so it'd be a stretch to trust me with anything, but 
>> the offer is there.
>> On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 10:35 PM Nick Levine <nick at 
>> <mailto:nick at>> wrote:
>>     Now that we've established why <> and its
>>     friends are long-term off air...
>>     The website at <> contained a photo of
>>     John McCarthy (and nothing else) since the week he died six years
>>     ago. What's the message?
>>     In contrast take a quick look at (say)
>>     <>, a site devoted to really assisting people to
>>     use that language.
>>     Do we care, and if we do how do we go about effecting change?
>>     - nick

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