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Dave Cooper david.cooper at
Wed Oct 11 20:44:58 UTC 2017

Hi Nick,

The ALU still exists, and I am still a board member, although not an
officer. Rusty is continuing to keep the offiicial Corporation documents up
to date with the state of Virginia, etc.

The CLF had offered several months ago to provide hosting services for the
ALU web properties (at reasonable out-of-pocket cost), but the ALU has yet
to follow up with a specific green light to do that or content to host.

Robert Smith, current official ALU president, had to cancel the last
several scheduled monthly ALU meetings due to a busy travel schedule (a
couple times he was on airplanes at the time of the meetings).  Last week,
he had to cancel our meeting again, and also sent a note inviting someone
else to take over the role of president.  He didn't officially resign, but
acknowledged the fact that his several attempts to get the ball rolling on
the next ILC have not gotten much traction.  If you'd like, I can ask
Robert to forward that note to this list.

So that's what I know right now.

So far I haven't seen any responses to his email on the ALU lists (which I
think are manually maintained as CC lists right now).   I'm not sure what
the next steps should be or by whom, but at least I wanted to pass on the
small amount of news which I know.



On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 4:28 PM, Nick Levine <nick at> wrote:

> Writing to who
> Is anyone from the ALU listening? Does it still exist?
> - nick
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> wrote:
> > Have you already tried email?  Because it may work (SMTP servers are
> > responding):
> >

My Best,

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