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orange thirty orangethirty at nuuton.com
Tue Oct 30 00:54:23 UTC 2012

Hello all,

My name is Pablo Rivera (orangethirty), founder of Nuuton.com. Been a
software engineer for a while and have used LISP in various situations
before. I joined this list in order to create an open discussion regarding
the development of the Nuuton search engine. It is being developed with

We are currently in the design stage, and have not written a line of LISP.
That is why I'm here. I would like to learn about your opinions before
doing anything. As a collective, this group has a lot of knowledge about
the language. Knowledge that will allow us to build a better search engine
with LISP.

After searching around the web, I've found some projects aimed at
developing web crawlers and the like with LISP. Though nothing too big or
concrete. My guess is that no one has ever tried to write such system for
production use. I hope to be wrong in those accounts. I will ask for your
input in terms of judging how well the implementations currently available
will fit Nuuton.

The first stage for the Nuuton search engine is to build a very basic
crawling system. We already have one in Python. But I refuse to port over
the Python code to LISP, because it would undermine the latter. If you so
wish, I can go ahead and translate the Python code to LISP and we can work
from there.

About the project:
Nuuton is a new search engine. It is being actively developed by a team of
three programmers. Our aim is to develop the search engine programmers
need and want. Currently, our only focus is in serving the programming
community. All the help you give us will in turn help the community in
getting a good search engine that is not riddled with advertisements.
Nuuton is also not in the business of selling advertising. We respect your
privacy and will not demand that you hand over your personal information.
I chose LISP because it provides the flexibility that we need for semantic
web search.

Questions, opinions, anything is welcome.

(If this is the wrong mailing list, please point me in the right direction.)

Pablo Rivera

Sent from my C64
Skype: orange.thirty

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