[pg-cvs] CVS update: pg/pg.asd

Peter Van Eynde pvaneynde at common-lisp.net
Sat Mar 6 22:59:39 UTC 2004

Update of /project/pg/cvsroot/pg
In directory common-lisp.net:/tmp/cvs-serv8996

Modified Files:
Log Message:
the crypt library actually is loaded in sysdep.lisp
Date: Sat Mar  6 17:59:39 2004
Author: pvaneynde

Index: pg/pg.asd
diff -u pg/pg.asd:1.2 pg/pg.asd:1.3
--- pg/pg.asd:1.2	Fri Mar  5 13:08:08 2004
+++ pg/pg.asd	Sat Mar  6 17:59:39 2004
@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@
     :author "Eric Marsden"
     :version "0.21"
     :components ((:file "defpackage")
-                 (:file "sysdep" :depends-on ("defpackage"))
+                 (:pg-component "sysdep" :depends-on ("defpackage"))
                  (:file "meta-queries" :depends-on ("defpackage"))
                  (:file "parsers" :depends-on ("defpackage"))
                  (:file "utility" :depends-on ("defpackage"))
-                 (:pg-component "pg" :depends-on ("sysdep" "parsers"))
+                 (:file "pg" :depends-on ("sysdep" "parsers"))
                  (:file "large-object" :depends-on ("pg"))
                  (:file "v2-protocol" :depends-on ("pg" "large-object" "utility"))
                  (:file "v3-protocol" :depends-on ("pg" "large-object" "utility"))))

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