[parenscript-devel] Parenscript questions

Miron Brezuleanu mbrezu at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 20:25:14 UTC 2011


I'm a Common Lisp newbie playing with Parenscript and WebGL.

The source of 'http://learningwebgl.com/lessons/lesson01/index.html'
contains a very simple example, with identifiers like gl.LEQUAL or
gl.ARRAY_BUFFER. I can't figure out how to write those in Parenscript.
I read the Symbol Conversion section of the manual
but couldn't figure out what syntax to use. I ended up trying with a
bigger hammer and modifying function encode-js-identifier in
utils.lisp. That allowed me to write gl.*lequal* and get gl.LEQUAL. Is
there a way to write these symbols without patching Parenscript? (BTW,
modified function at 'https://gist.github.com/841088').

Many thanks,

Miron Brezuleanu

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