[parenscript-devel] Expressionize

Red Daly reddaly at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 00:13:08 UTC 2010

The 'expressionize' function seems to be at the core of implicit
returns.  It seems to be a promising approach to morphing Javascript
into an everything-is-an-expression language.  Unfortunately right now
it is poorly documented and not used everywhere it could be.
Hopefully we can discuss where this feature is heading publicly and
finish up expressionizing parenscript.

Right now LET does not seem to take advantage of expressionize the
same way functions do.  LET fails to turn TRY into an expression,
while implicit return works.  What would we need to do to add this?

(ps:ps (let ((x (ps:try xxx
                           (:catch (x) 5))))
"var x233 = try {
} catch (x) {

below works:

> (ps:ps (lambda ()
                  (ps:try xxx
                          (:catch (x) 5))))
"function () {
    try {
        return xxx;
    } catch (x) {
        return 5;

Thanks for the insights,

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