[parenscript-devel] Tighter keyword arguments?

Daniel Gackle danielgackle at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 19:30:06 UTC 2010

The code that's generated for a keyword argument goes like this:

(ps (defun foo (&key a) (bar a)))  =>

(abbreviated for clarity):

"function foo() {
    var a;
   // ... pick out and assign keyword args ...
    if (a === undefined) {
        a = null;
    return bar(a);

It seems to me that this could be made tighter as follows:

"function foo() {
    var a = null;
   // ... pick out and assign keyword args ...
    return bar(a);

The only difference I can think of is when someone explicitly passes
as a value for the argument, but that's an oxymoronic thing to do.

Can anyone think of a reason not to make this change? I like PS's keyword
arguments a lot, but the generated JS is bloated enough to make me wince.
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