[parenscript-devel] ps-html clisp loop

Olaf Ruppert oruppert at googlemail.com
Sun May 24 14:03:38 UTC 2009

parenscipt on clips does not generate attributes correct.

(parenscript::process-html-forms-lhtml '(((:body :style "width:72em") "teset")))
=> ("<BODY>teset</BODY>")

to fix this, change the loop in process-html-forms-lhtml:

(loop with attrs = (cdar form)
			 for (attr-name attr-val) on attrs by #'cddr
                         for attr-test = (when (not (keywordp attr-name))
                                           (let ((test attr-name))
                                             (setf attr-name (pop attrs))
                         (if attr-test
                             (push `(if ,attr-test
                                        (concat-string ,(format nil "
~A=\"" attr-name) ,attr-val "\"")
                               (push (format nil " ~A=\"" attr-name) r)
                               (push attr-val r)
                               (push "\"" r))))

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