[parenscript-devel] &optional bugfix push request and tracing macro.

Travis Cross tc at travislists.com
Sun Nov 16 15:20:43 UTC 2008

William Halliburton wrote:
> Hi guys. Parenscript rocks. I feel like I'm really rollerskating now..
> There was a bug reported on /Tue Sep 30 21:28:05 UTC 2008 by/ Daniel 
> Gackle about the failure of &optional arguements. I just got bit by the 
> bug, can we please get that one-liner pushed into the repository. Muchos 
> gracais.

That problem was a bit nuanced, as you can see on that thread.  It is 
fixed now.

> On a happier note here is a macro I wrote to enable tracing-ala-cl. 
> Works with firebug. You'll need to (defvar *trace-level*). I don't do 
> indentation but that would be an easy addition.
> (defpsmacro console (&rest rest)
>   `(console.log , at rest))
> (defpsmacro defun-trace (name args &rest body)
>   (let* ((sname (ps::symbol-to-js name))
>          (tname (ps-gensym name))
>          (arg-names (loop for arg in args
>                        unless (eq arg '&optional)
>                        collect (if (consp arg) (car arg) arg)))
>          (argpairs
>           (loop for arg in arg-names
>             nconc (list (ps::symbol-to-js arg) arg))))
>     `(progn
>        (defun ,name ,arg-names
>          (console *trace-level* ,sname ":" , at argpairs)
>          (incf *trace-level*)
>          (let* ((rtn (,tname , at arg-names)))
>            (decf *trace-level*)
>            (console *trace-level* ,sname "returned" rtn)
>            (return rtn)))
>        (defun ,tname ,args
>          , at body))))

Neat.  Thanks for sharing.


-- Travis

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