[oct-cvs] Oct commit: oct qd-complex.lisp qd-methods.lisp

rtoy rtoy at common-lisp.net
Fri Aug 31 03:11:00 UTC 2007

Update of /project/oct/cvsroot/oct
In directory clnet:/tmp/cvs-serv9259

Modified Files:
	qd-complex.lisp qd-methods.lisp 
Log Message:
Get rid of the extra layer of function calls and define the special
functions as methods directly.

--- /project/oct/cvsroot/oct/qd-complex.lisp	2007/08/30 23:42:24	1.33
+++ /project/oct/cvsroot/oct/qd-complex.lisp	2007/08/31 03:11:00	1.34
@@ -668,69 +668,69 @@
 	     (- (realpart result)))))
 ;; End of implementation of complex functions from CMUCL.
-(defmethod qasin ((x qd-complex))
+(defmethod asin ((x qd-complex))
   (qd-complex-asin x))
-(defmethod qacos ((x qd-complex))
+(defmethod acos ((x qd-complex))
   (qd-complex-acos x))
-(defmethod qacosh ((x qd-complex))
+(defmethod acosh ((x qd-complex))
   (qd-complex-acosh x))
-(defmethod qatanh ((x qd-complex))
+(defmethod atanh ((x qd-complex))
   (qd-complex-atanh x))
-(defmethod qsin ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod sin ((z qd-complex))
   (let ((x (realpart z))
 	(y (imagpart z)))
     (complex (* (sin x) (cosh y))
 	     (* (cos x) (sinh y)))))
-(defmethod qcos ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod cos ((z qd-complex))
   (let ((x (realpart z))
 	(y (imagpart z)))
     (complex (* (cos x) (cosh y))
 	     (- (* (sin x) (sinh y))))))
-(defmethod qtan ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod tan ((z qd-complex))
   (qd-complex-tan z))
-(defmethod qsinh ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod sinh ((z qd-complex))
   (let ((x (realpart z))
 	(y (imagpart z)))
     (complex (* (sinh x) (cos y))
 	     (* (cosh x) (sin y)))))
-(defmethod qcosh ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod cosh ((z qd-complex))
   (let ((x (realpart z))
 	(y (imagpart z)))
     (complex (* (cosh x) (cos y))
 	     (* (sinh x) (sin y)))))
-(defmethod qtanh ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod tanh ((z qd-complex))
   (qd-complex-tanh z))
-(defmethod qsqrt ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod sqrt ((z qd-complex))
   (qd-complex-sqrt z))
-(defmethod qatan ((y qd-complex) &optional x)
+(defmethod atan ((y qd-complex) &optional x)
   (if x
       (error "First arg of 2-arg ATAN must be real")
       (qd-complex-atan y)))
-(defmethod qatan ((y cl:complex) &optional x)
+(defmethod atan ((y cl:complex) &optional x)
   (if x
       (error "First arg of 2-arg ATAN must be real")
       (cl:atan y)))
-(defmethod qexp ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod exp ((z qd-complex))
   (let* ((x (realpart z))
 	 (y (imagpart z))
 	 (ex (exp x)))
     (complex (* ex (cos y))
 	     (* ex (sin y)))))
-(defmethod qlog ((a qd-complex) &optional b)
+(defmethod log ((a qd-complex) &optional b)
   (if b
       (/ (qlog a) (qlog b))
       (complex (log (abs a))
@@ -745,7 +745,7 @@
 (defmethod qexpt ((x qd-complex) (y qd-complex))
   (exp (* y (log x))))
-(defmethod qphase ((z qd-complex))
+(defmethod phase ((z qd-complex))
   (atan (imagpart z) (realpart z)))
 (defun realp (x)
--- /project/oct/cvsroot/oct/qd-methods.lisp	2007/08/29 14:37:20	1.52
+++ /project/oct/cvsroot/oct/qd-methods.lisp	2007/08/31 03:11:00	1.53
@@ -356,13 +356,10 @@
 	     (cl-name (intern (symbol-name name) :cl))
 	     (qd-name (intern (concatenate 'string (symbol-name name) "-QD"))))
-	    (defmethod ,method-name ((x number))
+	    (defmethod ,name ((x number))
 	      (,cl-name x))
-	    (defmethod ,method-name ((x qd-real))
-	      (make-instance 'qd-real :value (,qd-name (qd-value x))))
-	    (declaim (inline ,name))
-	    (defun ,name (x)
-	      (,method-name x))))))
+	    (defmethod ,name ((x qd-real))
+	      (make-instance 'qd-real :value (,qd-name (qd-value x))))))))
   (frob abs)
   (frob exp)
   (frob sin)
@@ -378,19 +375,16 @@
   ;;(frob atanh)
-(defmethod qsqrt ((x number))
+(defmethod sqrt ((x number))
   (cl:sqrt x))
-(defmethod qsqrt ((x qd-real))
+(defmethod sqrt ((x qd-real))
   (if (minusp x)
       (make-instance 'qd-complex
 		     :real +qd-zero+
 		     :imag (sqrt-qd (neg-qd (qd-value x))))
       (make-instance 'qd-real :value (sqrt-qd (qd-value x)))))
-(defun sqrt (x)
-  (qsqrt x))
 (defun scalb (x n)
   "Compute 2^N * X without compute 2^N first (use properties of the
 underlying floating-point format"
@@ -422,12 +416,12 @@
 		 :value (hypot-qd (qd-value (realpart z))
 				  (qd-value (imagpart z)))))
-(defmethod qlog ((a number) &optional b)
+(defmethod log ((a number) &optional b)
   (if b
       (cl:log a b)
       (cl:log a)))
-(defmethod qlog ((a qd-real) &optional b)
+(defmethod log ((a qd-real) &optional b)
   (if b
       (/ (qlog a) (qlog b))
       (if (minusp (float-sign a))
@@ -436,15 +430,10 @@
 			 :imag +qd-pi+)
 	  (make-instance 'qd-real :value (log-qd (qd-value a))))))
-(declaim (inline log))
-(defun log (a &optional b)
-  (qlog a b))
 (defmethod log1p ((a qd-real))
   (make-instance 'qd-real :value (log1p-qd (qd-value a))))
-(defmethod qatan ((y real) &optional x)
+(defmethod atan ((y real) &optional x)
   (cond (x
 	 (cond ((typep x 'qd-real)
 		(make-instance 'qd-real
@@ -454,17 +443,13 @@
 	 (cl:atan y))))
-(defmethod qatan ((y qd-real) &optional x)
+(defmethod atan ((y qd-real) &optional x)
   (make-instance 'qd-real
 		 (if x
 		     (atan2-qd (qd-value y) (qd-value x))
 		     (atan-qd (qd-value y)))))
-(defun atan (y &optional x)
-  (qatan y x))
 (defmethod qexpt ((x number) (y number))
   (cl:expt x y))
@@ -732,83 +717,57 @@
     (if (< (car nlist) result)
 	(setq result (car nlist)))))
-(defmethod qasin ((x number))
+(defmethod asin ((x number))
   (cl:asin x))
-(defmethod qasin ((x qd-real))
+(defmethod asin ((x qd-real))
   (if (<= -1 x 1)
       (make-instance 'qd-real :value (asin-qd (qd-value x)))
       (qd-complex-asin x)))
-(declaim (inline asin))
-(defun asin (x)
-  (qasin x))
-(defmethod qacos ((x number))
+(defmethod acos ((x number))
   (cl:acos x))
-(defmethod qacos ((x qd-real))
+(defmethod acos ((x qd-real))
   (cond ((> (abs x) 1)
 	 (qd-complex-acos x))
 	 (make-instance 'qd-real :value (acos-qd (qd-value x))))))
-(declaim (inline acos))
-(defun acos (x)
-  (qacos x))
-(defmethod qacosh ((x number))
+(defmethod acosh ((x number))
   (cl:acosh x))
-(defmethod qacosh ((x qd-real))
+(defmethod acosh ((x qd-real))
   (if (< x 1)
       (qd-complex-acosh x)
       (make-instance 'qd-real :value (acosh-qd (qd-value x)))))
-(declaim (inline acosh))
-(defun acosh (x)
-  (qacosh x))
-(defmethod qatanh ((x number))
+(defmethod atanh ((x number))
   (cl:atanh x))
-(defmethod qatanh ((x qd-real))
+(defmethod atanh ((x qd-real))
   (if (> (abs x) 1)
       (qd-complex-atanh x)
       (make-instance 'qd-real :value (atanh-qd (qd-value x)))))
-(declaim (inline atanh))
-(defun atanh (x)
-  (qatanh x))
-(defmethod qcis ((x real))
+(defmethod cis ((x real))
   (cl:cis x))
-(defmethod qcis ((x qd-real))
+(defmethod cis ((x qd-real))
   (multiple-value-bind (s c)
       (sincos-qd (qd-value x))
     (make-instance 'qd-complex
 		   :real c
 		   :imag s)))
-(declaim (inline cis))
-(defun cis (x)
-  (qcis x))
-(defmethod qphase ((x number))
+(defmethod phase ((x number))
   (cl:phase x))
-(defmethod qphase ((x qd-real))
+(defmethod phase ((x qd-real))
   (if (minusp x)
       (- +pi+)
       (make-instance 'qd-real :value (make-qd-d 0d0))))
-(declaim (inline phase))
-(defun phase (x)
-  (qphase x))
 (defun signum (number)
   "If NUMBER is zero, return NUMBER, else return (/ NUMBER (ABS NUMBER))."
   (if (zerop number)

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