[munich-lisp] LISPers in Munich?

Peter Fischer letzterfreiercoolername at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 8 20:49:19 UTC 2010


On 07.09.2010 04:16, Christian Brumm wrote:
> Peter, your suggestions sound very reasonable. Now we only need people
> who are able to talk about all this ... :)

I found
a out-of-the-box ready pimped emacs+slime combination for use with the 
"Practical Common Lisp" book.

It's a bit dated, but it should be possible to update the packages' 
version numbers. Someone is already trying it: 

> I can help with advertising, I live near LMU, and I guess TUM is not too
> far. Also some people at work might be interested.
> As Christoph mentioned, first half of November (semester break ends
> October 18th) seems reasonable and should give us enough time to prepare.

This Date seems fine.

> Does someone know where to get a room (e.g. works or studies at
> University)? I guess choosing a date and a room are highly correlated. ;)
It certainly is easier if s/o internal to the TUM could be made 
interested in such a meeting...

TUM: (U2 Theresienstraße)

FHM (tramway 20/21):

LMU (U6 Universität):

further possibilities:
http://www.einewelthaus.de/index.php?id=168 rent see 

one is still missing, can't find the snippet. :(

We should also not forget that we certainly need a locality for having 
some drinks & snacks afterwards. :) So a room in the outback would not 
be optimal.


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