[munich-lisp] LISPers in Munich?

Bernhard Schmalhofer Bernhard.Schmalhofer at gmx.de
Mon Sep 6 16:27:48 UTC 2010

Am 06.09.2010 17:34, schrieb Peter Fischer:

This is something I would be interested in, as I'm a real Lisp noob.
> A Lisp/Scheme primer course:
>    * "cons lingo" / lisp concepts
>    * lisp/scheme pedigree
>    * differences between lisp/scheme standards and implementations
>    * places to find good code
>    * examples of how to read lisp code
>    * how to setup some graphical IDE
>    * how to setup Emacs/SLIME combination
> ( =>  teach people how to learn themselves Lisp)
> plus advertisement in advance at the local Munich
>    * CCC chapter (those who always wanted to hack in Lisp)
>    * Ruby user group (those who always wondered, why Ruby is sometimes
> called a pretty good lisp)
I'd also tell the Munich Perl Monger, for those who always wonderd, why 
Perl ist
sometimes called a pretty good lisp.


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