[movitz-devel] Warning: Auto-bootstrapping CLOS completed.

Frode V. Fjeld frodef at cs.uit.no
Mon Nov 10 23:00:56 UTC 2008

"Paavo Parkkinen" <pparkkin at iki.fi> writes:

> I compiled and dumped the los0 image with SBCL, and booted it with
> qemu like I've done many times before, only this time I got this:
> Enter..Ok.
> Installing los0-GC with 63238 KB.
> Break: Auto-bootstrapping CLOS.
> Warning: Auto-bootstrapping CLOS completed.
>  0: Return from break: Auto-bootstrapping CLOS.
> [0d] LOS0> 0
> Warning: CLOS was already bootstrapped: T
> Warning: Auto-bootstrapping CLOS completed.
> Error: Out of memory. Please take out the garbage.
> [0d] LOS0>

There is a bootstrapping of CLOS that is initiated quite early in the
boot process, but if some method dispatch is triggered before this
happens, you get the above break. It usually indicates that something
"bad" or too "complex" happened too early in the boot process.

A stack-trace should tell you/us what is triggering the CLOS bootstrap.

Frode V. Fjeld

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