[movitz-devel] tftp

Antonis Antoniadis antoniosantoniadis at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 21:24:35 UTC 2008

Hello again.
The last couple of days I'm working on tftp, in order to become able
to transfer files from the host machine to movitz and evaluate them.
As can be seen in the attached screenshot, I can only send write
requests, but don't get responses. I'm not sure I understand the
reason exactly but in my way of thinking:
To write on the host you need write permissions, which means you have
to login there as a user with write permissions. Though tftp (for
simplicity reasons i guess) doesn't support that functionality. Am I
wrong about all this? I've now tried sending to my developing machine,
to my brothers computer, and to lispnyc (where heow kindly provided me
with a login, and tcpdump access for this reason), the result is
always the same.
What is the way to get an ACK as a response for my WRQ from the host,
so that I can actually get a port number and start sending data?

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