[movitz-devel] graphics movitz

Frode frodef at cs.uit.no
Thu Dec 11 21:19:31 UTC 2008

"Ram Vedam" <rvedam at gmail.com> writes:

> Can anyone give some advice on how to get started with writing
> graphics programs on Movitz? I noticed in the Graphics API section
> that the goal was to create a SDL - like system for Movitz, but when
> looking at the source it doesn't look like much work has been done
> in this particular area. I'm still unfamiliar with Movitz with
> respect to what is provided in the source, and I just started
> looking at vga.lisp, but any advice would be well-appreciated to get
> me up to speed.

Hi Ram, unfortunately there's not much activity on Movitz right now. I
think you're right that there's not too much actual code for the
graphics API. I don't really know any particular advice wrt. getting
up to speed, but I'll be happy to help with any particular problems or
questions you might have.


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