[movitz-devel] Re: building image

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld ffjeld at common-lisp.net
Fri Oct 27 17:46:30 UTC 2006

"Vikas N Kumar" <vikasnkumar at users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> Hi Frode
> Thanks. I was able to build the image fine and dump it
> But now i get this error when i load that image with Bochs.
> Any ideas on debugging this issue ?

> [..]
> Booting from Hard Disk...
> Loading Movitz 2..

Hi Vikas,

The image produced by dump-image includes a 512-byte bootloader that
is only able to load from floppy. Apparently you are trying to use it
as a hard-drive image. If you configure Bochs to use the image as
floppya, it should work. Since this way you can use the output of
dump-image directly, this is most convenient. It is also possible to
use GRUB to construct a hard-drive or CDROM-compatible image, etc.

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld

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