[movitz-devel] Re: Movitz and Parallels

Sidney Markowitz sidney at sidney.com
Fri Jun 30 10:34:41 UTC 2006

I got Movitz running under Parallels on an Intel Mac OS X. You can
probably think of equivalent steps, but here is what I did:

1. Using the latest CVS sources, I loaded movitz/load.lisp in sbcl, used
(create-image) and (dump-image) to get an image file.

2. I created a linux virtual machine configured with the CDROM attached
to an iso image file of a handy linux live CD distribution. I used DSL
(Damn Small Linux) as it was an easy 50 Mb download and had what I
needed. I also created a new floppy disk image file attached to its
floppy drive. The default network configuration puts the virtual and the
real machine on a common local subnet.

3. I booted the virtual machine into DSL linux.

4. I opened a command shell and used scp to transfer the Movitz image
file created in step 1 from my real machine to the home directory (on
/ramdrive) of the virtual machine.

5. I used the shell command

  dd if=los0-image.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=512

to copy the Movitz image file contents into the virtual machine's floppy
disk image.

6. I shut down the virtual machine properly. In DSL linux that is done
from the right-click menu (remember that Parallel gives you a right
click on the one-button mouse when you do a ctrl-shift-click unless you
have changed the preferences). Other linux desktops would have you use a
toolbar menu or shutdown -h now on the command line. Just make sure you
do what you need to ensure that the floppy disk is properly written out to.

Now the floppy image file that is attached to the virtual machine
contains the Movitz image and will boot. Remember to disconnect the
linux iso file from the virtual CD drive before rebooting.

I'm new to Movitz so I haven't played much with it to see what works and
doesn't work under Parallels. It did get to an INIT> prompt and (+ 1 1)
evaluated to #x2.

 -- Sidney Markowitz
    sidney at sidney.com

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