[movitz-devel] Movitz and Parallels

Greg Pfeil sellout42 at mac.com
Wed Jun 14 07:41:29 UTC 2006

I recently got a MacBook and thought I would try to use Movitz on it  
with Parallels Desktop. However, I can not manage to get the image to  
boot at all. If I try to load any of them images as floppy images, it  
complains that they're invalid. If I set the los0 or my own images as  
my hard drive, the VM just stops pretty quickly. If I use the los0 
+grub image as the drive, it gets to grub, but then gives me a "24 :  
Attempt to access block outside partition" error when it tries to  
boot Movitz. I've also tried expanding the image size and other  
things, but with no promising results.

Has anyone gotten this to work with Parallels? Am I simply doing  
something wrong? Is there any reason to expect that Movitz won't work  
on the MacBook?

Thanks for your help.
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