[movitz-devel] Re: Movitz and Parallels

Sidney Markowitz sidney at sidney.com
Sat Jul 1 06:05:54 UTC 2006

Gregory Martin Pfeil wrote:
> So, any idea why the movitz image doesn't work with Parallels but seems
> to work with Bochs (and presumably other emulators) without
> modification? Is there a problem with the image that other emulators are
> just more lenient with, or is there a problem with Parallels?

Well, I don't have much time to play with it right now, but here's what
I found: The floppy image file I ended up with contains the same byte
for byte contents as the load image created by dump-image, followed by
all zero bytes to bring it to a file size of 1474560 bytes. That implies
that if you did have dump-image pad its output to exactly that size then
the resulting load image should be able to be used as a floppy image by
Parallels and would work.

It would be interesting to dd to the virtual hard disk instead of to the
floppy disk, confirm that it boots ok, and then dump the virtual disk
file to see what format that is in. If it isn't in a raw image format
like the floppy image, that would explain why you can't use the Movitz
created image as a disk image.

$ ls -l floppy.img los0-image.img

 1474560 Jun 30 21:44 floppy.img
  900608 Jun 30 20:14 los0-image.img

$ cmp -n 900608 los0-image.img floppy.img

$ tail -c +900608 floppy.img | od -x

0000000      0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000

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